Rebel ‘n’ Saint

Jasmine (the photographer) has no standard life, she has always been active in sports, she has been married to a Moroccan woman, she has a transgender past and she lives in different subcultures. To present it as a story, she has decided to make a series of cinematic images in which she figures herself.

In these photos she depicts events from her life and statements people have made about her.

It is through these images that she brings structure to the maze of events, actions and feelings from her life and environment. In every context this can result in a different Jasmine. It is not for nothing that the word “persona” means mask and people put on different masks in different contexts.

They are images about rebellion and holiness. As far as they appear in Jasmine’s photos, it is up to the viewer. She has chosen to capture the various themes in mainly theatrical images. That is no coincidence. She is a great admirer of David Bowie. His interest in the theater can safely be called the cornerstone of his success. Major Tom, Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust and Alladin Sane, to name just a few of his creations. Every step in his career yielded a new character.

Despite the personal approach, it produces images that have universal meaning.

Photography, styling, make-up, model: Jasmine de Vries
Make-up/hair Liberated and Behaviour: Elliet Martinez
Model Liberated: Naomi
Model Acknowledgement: Irene van Nispen-Kress
Model behaviour: Annet Haarselhorst-van den Nouweland
Model Period and Escape: Jan Willem Dingemanse
Model Back to the Past: Adam de Vries
Models Oppressively: Jaap en Riet de Vries
Model Likeness: Sandra de Vries