Trans in Amsterdam

From drag show bar Lellebel to Trans United Netherlands for bicultural trans people: the photo series Trans in Amsterdam portrays twelve different Amsterdam transgender organizations. The photo series is an initiative of Transgender Netwerk Nederland, an organization that was founded in 2009 to promote collaboration between trans initiatives.


In her series Inside-Out Jasmine de Vries shows that there is more between man and woman in this world. In 2018 we see a wide range of transgender, intersex and non-binary people in addition to the traditional man and woman. In addition, there are the so-called drag kings and queens. They do not want to…

New heroes

These men were born in the opposite gender. They have decided to become more and more themselves. They are new heroes because they transform their lives, despite the resistance from their environment and society. Persones shown in the series are: Giovanno, Jackson, Jayrello, Jayson, Jesse, Latief and Tom.