Remembering Veghel

Remembering Veghel is an ongoing photo & text project in which René Hildesheim and Jasmine de Vries, visits places in Veghel with its own power of expression and history. These places are filled in by the “actor” René, in a setting that is appropriate in that place. Jasmine makes beautiful vistas and city views. René…


In her series Inside-Out Jasmine de Vries shows that there is more between man and woman in this world. In 2018 we see a wide range of transgender, intersex and non-binary people in addition to the traditional man and woman. In addition, there are the so-called drag kings and queens. They do not want to…


Models: Erik Brugge, Jillian Burlon, Nereida Devil Bone,, Sun Yi, Yessica Sanders, Bart, Mirjam Roos, Nicole Brown Make-up: Elliet Martinez Stylist: Michelle Thornton, Laurindo Andrea

New heroes

These men were born in the opposite gender. They have decided to become more and more themselves. They are new heroes because they transform their lives, despite the resistance from their environment and society. Persones shown in the series are: Giovanno, Jackson, Jayrello, Jayson, Jesse, Latief and Tom.

Bloed kruipt

Kim is a winner inside the ring. But outside the ring she gets confronted with her vulnerability and she discovers that fighting is not the solution for everything. Cast: Milou van Duijnhoven (Kim Verbeek), Anne van der Burg (Elise), Adnan Unalli (Driss),  Olaf Ait Tami (Mo), Adam Kissequel (Tarik)

Rebel ‘n’ Saint

Jasmine (the photographer) has no standard life, she has always been active in sports, she has been married to a Moroccan woman, she has a transgender past and she lives in different subcultures. To present it as a story, she has decided to make a series of cinematic images in which she figures herself. In…